Song Of The Day – All Time Low (Weightless)

I know what you’re thinking, why I have shirtless boys on my blog? I wouldn’t normally do this, but I probably have a few lady readers out there and they need some eye candy too. Here at “America’s White Boy,” we obide to Title IX and maybe I should make Thursdays Ladies’ Night here. I would need to get a velvet rope, do you think they have them at IKEA?

I’m a big fan of All Time Low, they had an acoustic track on “Punk Goes Acoustic Vol.2, I think it was called “Jasey Rae,” great tune. Anyways, my friend actually has a lyric by All Time Low tattooed on herself, she is a huge fan of music and has other band tattoos. It takes a huge dedication to do that and I think it’s cool, even if it was a band that I didn’t care for, it’s still cool.

“Weightless” is a up-tempo pop-punk track off the album “Nothing Personal.” They have released a few other albums and they have all been good, a rarity for the genre. Usually pop-punk bands have one good album and then the rest are cookie-cutter attempts are re-creating magic. If you are looking for bands that have a similar sound, I would say that Cartel and The Audition are two bands that I would recommend.

Here is the video for “Weightless”
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