Song Of The Day – The Arcade Fire (Wake Up)

I am bringing back an oldie with this post. I used to post a different “Song Of The Day” everyday and I got a good response. I am not a huge fan of the band The Arcade Fire, but I do love this song. I didn’t hear of the song until about a year ago, I actually heard it on The Dan Patrick Show. They sing the yelling part at the beginning of the song every Friday to close out the show.

I was turned off by The Arcade Fire for awhile, because I knew a girl who liked crappy art-rock and she loved them. I hated about 95% of the bands that she liked, the only one that I remember liking was Interpol. I was surprised when I found out that “Wake Up” was by The Arcade Fire, I had to re-think my stance on hating that girl’s favorite bands. I listened to some their other stuff, but I’m still not a huge fan.

Well, here’s the video for The Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.” As a tribute to the Dan Patrick Show, please all sing along to the beginning. 1, 2, 3, Go!

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