Tim Tebow Is A Virgin

If anyone is shocked that Tebow is a virgin, I have some land to sell you. He is a devout Christian and off the field, he has the manners of a nobleman. During the SEC Media Day, a random reporter shouted out the question, “Are you a virgin?” and Tebow responded with “Yes, I am.” He chuckled initially, but are you surprised? He wants to be a preacher and has the charm to be a politician. He was on the Dan Patrick Show earlier today and he said “Sir” after every answer. He goes on mission trip to help circumcise 3rd-world children, he’s like Mother Teresa with shoulder pads.

I am not a fan of Tebow on the field, but off the field, it’s hard not to respect the guy. He is a cocky, abrasive guy when you put a helmet on him, but he’s just a competitive person. He will probably go onto win the Heisman this year and be drafted somewhere in the middle to late first round. A team will have to take a chance on him. He would be good for PR and a nice morality figure to have in the locker room. The Cincinnati Bengals would love to draft him, only if they would have a pick in the late first round, that’s unlikely.

There has been countless numbers of pictures of Tebow with hot co-eds flating around the internet since his freshman year. A lot of them were probably girls that wanted to have their picture taken with him, others he probably dated. He isn’t exactly at the University of Wyoming (sorry had to chose a school in cool weather). The University of Florida has a lot of A+ talent roaming around the quads on campus. Tebow would certainly have his pick of the litter, but that’s not his style. 9 out of 10 players in his position would probably already have an illegitimate child and a few other ladies to “get with” on the side.

I applaud Tebow for his honesty, but you know that he is going to get torched on the road in the SEC this season. I can already see the signs at LSU and South Carolina. They will have to confiscate signs out of the crowd and I doubt CBS would want to televise signs of that nature.

Oh well, At least you’ve made one man happy. A.C. Green is no longer the butt of virgin jokes across America.

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