Glenn Beck Is A Douche

I usually shy away from politics on this blog. It’s not because I don’t have an opinion, but it’s a sticky subject that is usually never funny. My roommate was watching Fox News tonight and I saw video of Glenn Beck freaking the hell out.

Here is the video

The freak out starts around the 1:30 mark and it just escalates to a crazy level. He uses the crazy girlfriend level of “whomever is the loudest and uses the highest pitch in an argument, they win” tactic.

I really dislike Glenn Beck. I used to listen to his radio show during my lunch break at work, mostly because I had a hard time listening to “The Common Man & The Torg Mid-Day Show” on the local ESPN Radio affiliate here in Columbus. Everyone should listen to opinions that aren’t there own, just to see what the other side is mad about. I think Beck is just a douche. His climb to syndication radio is just as crazy. He is a high school graduate (he took a few classes at Yale, but never graduated) and he was a drug addict/alcoholic. He quit the booze and drugs, joined AA, and became a Mormon. He is now on Fox News and you can usually catch him yelling at loud levels and/or crying almost daily. I would like to see a decibel contest between Stephen A. Smith and Glenn Beck. Quite Frankly, I believe Stephen A. would probably still win, but I would bet that everyone would watch that contest on television, on mute.

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