I Don’t Care About Alabama

Alabama football is a religion in the Southeast, but I am not a follower. They were as big as USC, Florida, and Notre Dame just a few seasons ago. They did have a great season last year, but it was made into a joke by getting trounced by Utah in the bowl game. The NCAA ruled that they have to vacate 21 wins from 2005-2007, which shouldn’t mean much to their overall record. Alabama wasn’t exactly lighting up the scoreboard those seasons.

Alabama is in the middle of a textbook scandal, not a “textbook scandal” as in they executed the perfect scandal, but actually a scandal with textbooks. The students that were on full scholarship were able to just sign up for textbooks and get them from the bookstore. The athletes were found guilty of signing up for books for their friends and selling them. This has to be the lamest NCAA infraction in the history of college athletics.

I would think that ‘Bama would be caught in the middle of a Krispy Kreme scandal, more than a textbook variety.

Yeah, Andre Smith looks horrible.

The NCAA ruling will not interfere with the current students, since Alabama will not lose any scholarships or be banned from television. I like the ruling, but I don’t really see how this is really hurting Alabama at all.

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