It’s Been Awhile- Pt. 4

I took a little hiatus from the world of sports/music blogging. I started a new job, been spending time with my girlfriend, and I was just exhausted. I missed the blog and think that I need to update more. I have recently been accepted as a contributor at
Gunaxin and I hope that I will be a great addition there. I will still update this blog often, just Gunaxin will be a place to feed my hunger of writing.

I just want to list some things that I have learned since I’ve been gone. Just to catch everyone up on what has been confusing and amusing me.

For those wondering why I have a picture of Blake Lively up, well, I don’t have many times where I can post a picture of a pretty gal, so I took this chance. I hope you’re a little happier now.

– I love Green Day’s new album, but I kind of wish they wouldn’t to a concept album next time.

– I found out that “Frisky Dingo” will not be coming back, since the studio went under.

– Manchester Orchestra’s new album has been in rotation constantly in my head.

– I have came to a conclusion that the Chicago Cubs will not win the World Series this year.

– I cannot remember a season as boring as this past year’s NCAA Basketball season.

– I would like to become more of a soccer fan.

– My love for Podcasts has grown. I listen to Dan Patrick, Baseball America, Fantasy Focus, and The B.S. Report religiously….Adam Carolla’s podcast has jumped the shark.

– I have become addicted to Twitter. Follow me @

– I hate to admit it, but I do go to almost daily.

– I hope the Indiana Pacers pick Eric Maynor and not Gerald Henderson.

– I still think Adam Morrison can have a 10-year career in the NBA.

– I saw the Tim Floyd scandal coming, the guy has always looked like a guy who was one day away from getting fired. He was a desperate man.

– My passion bucket is always full.

– My fantasy baseball teams this year are horrible. I blame Geovany Soto, lack of Pedroia’s power, and B.J. Upton.

– Mike Brown will be fired as the coach of the Cavaliers by the end of June.

– Notre Dame will probably go 10-2 this year, the 2 losses will be to USC and whomever they play in a bowl game.

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