J.J.Redick To Pacers?

J.J. Redick seems to be a little lost in the backcourt of the Orlando Magic. He has started five games this season, but when he came into the NBA he didn’t expect to be averaging roughly 5 points a game in his best season. It makes sense for both teams for the Orlando Magic to trade J.J. Redick to the Indiana Pacers for Jamaal Tinsley. Neither of these players are being used by their team properly and since Jameer Nelson may be lost for the season, it makes sense for the Magic.

I thought about this post before the Magic pulled a trigger on a trade that sent Keith Bogans to Milwaukee for Tyronn Lue. I believe my trade makes much more sense for Orlando and could possibly still happen. Lue had his lone moment of glory as a member of the Lakers when he basically shutdown Allen Iverson in the NBA Finals all by himself. Lue signed a huge free agent contact that following season and has never been the same. Orlando will still need to fill the void that Nelson left and could still possibly make a trade to acquire a much better point guard.

A trade for Jamaal Tinsley makes sense for Orlando, since the Pacers have given him the “Starbury” treatment since the end of last season. He hasn’t even been allowed to be with the Pacers all season and they ever went as far as removing his name off of his locker. In order to trade Tinsley to the Magic, the Pacers would need to offset the contracts. If the Magic would put Redick in the package, the Pacers would probably have to take the bad contract of Brian Cook and might possibly have to send Roy Hibbert. Another possibility would be that the Pacers would pay a large amount of Tinsley’s contract and send him to the Magic for either Redick alone or maybe just a 2nd round draft pick.

As it stands right now, the Pacers are needing to rid themselves of Tinsley. He has had off-court troubles since the beginning of his career. At this point, the Pacers will take anything they can get for him and the Magic and the rest of the league probably knows that. The J.J. Redick trade may not happen for that reason, but I believe it makes sense for both sides. The Magic need a true point guard with scoring ability and the Pacers need a Jason Kapono-type of shooter to help free up Granger and Dunleavy, plus it would help fill out their team with yet another “white boy.”

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