Everybody Still Hates Skip Bayless

I have written about Skip Bayless in the past and my opinion of him has not changed. I think he’s overly-opinionated, takes stands on issues that is purposely against the minority, and he’s a pompous jerk. This week we are “lucky” to have Stephen A. Smith as Skip’s opponent on ESPN’s 1st and 10. Having Stephen A. and Skip on the same show is like having the Iron Sheik vs. Nikita Koloff going against each other. Sorry to reference an old-school WWF reference to describe the scenario, but it fits. I don’t like either of these guys and I really want Skip and Stephen A. end up hitting each other with a steel chair.

Today’s episode was insane. Skip screamed for the first 15 minutes and then tagged Stephen A. in and he screamed for the rest of the show. I can’t imagine these guys eating dinner with each other, they would have to put them in their own food and give each other riot masks to protect themselves against flying spit. The highlight of the show was when they got in a heated argument against and for Brett Favre in New York. I will DV-R the episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday in hopes of Stephen A. finally pulling out a folding table and sending Skip through it via Powerbomb.

Here is an old clip of the two going at it, I hope it gives you an idea of how insane it is to have both of these guys on the same show. You may need earplugs, the decibels alone could do some ear damage.

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