Song Of The Day – Kings of Leon (Sex On Fire)

It’s not every day that a band from Tennessee tops the charts in the UK. Kings of Leon haven’t tops the charts in the U.S. yet and you can say that they are bigger in the UK than their own country. I’ve seen this one other time, Zebrahead is huge in Japan and never really quite broke into the mainstream here in the States. I think hitting it big on the UK charts is a great indication that success for Kings Of Leon is coming very soon.

I have been a fan of Kings of Leon since they released “Youth and Young Manhood” back about five years ago. Their latest release, “Only By The Night” is their fourth major-label release, but so far the band has been considered an indie-band. That moniker comes from the type of radio stations their music gets airplay from. Here in Columbus it’s CD101, which on most days a good amount of Modest Mouse, The Shins, and Death Cab For Cutie. All of those bands are all on major labels and have sold a great deal of albums, but “indie music” is now considered a genre since many of the successful underground bands have been snatched up by major labels and packaged as “indie.”

Kings of Leon were musical guests on Saturday Night Live last night and did a great job. I think the lead singer’s voice is so distinct and the music on their new album does such a great job at showcasing it. I would put money down that “Only By The Night” will be their best-selling album in their careers so far and a few awards should be coming their way.

Here is a performance of “Sex On Fire.”

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