Hurricane Ike Is Not My Homeboy

After spending all day Sunday and most of Monday without power, I would like to say that whatever was left of Hurricane Ike, really put a hurtin’ on Central Ohio. I was minding my own business on Sunday, just watching Jillian Barberie or Jillian Reynolds do the weather on FOX NFL Pre-game and then I thought I saw a cow fly across the parking lot. By the way, who the heck did Jillian marry this time? I remember her ex, Bret Barberie, I actually had his rookie card when he played for the Montreal Expos. I was actually surprised to find out that he actually bagged such a dime.

Central Ohio was hit with winds of a category one hurricane and tore it a new one. I know the people of Houston and Galveston were hit much, much harder, but no national news outlet is giving us any dap. In fact, most of the region’s electric personnel was in Texas helping out. This delayed us from getting back to normal. I must have went through 20 red lights that were treated as 4-way stops on my way to work today. It was a hassle and caused a major cramp in the little style I have. I actually listened to the entire album of “The Secret Handshake,” and I forgot how much I like that guy.

I should be posting more, but since I didn’t watch a single NFL game on Sunday, I can’t really do a “What I Learned” for Week 2, unless my post is only about the Eagles/Cowboys game.

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