Song Of The Day – Ne-Yo (Closer)

I really shouldn’t have Ne-Yo in any of my “Song Of The Day” posts for many reasons. He suffers from “gayface,” which he has tried to combat rumors that he isn’t gay, but the dude probably needs a sex tape or some beach shots with a hot lady to help him out. The other main reason is the dude wears a hat to hide his hairline. There are a few pictures on the ‘net that shows him without a hat and he looks like Clyde Drexler. He should just shave his head if he is that ashamed of his hair crop.

“Closer” is one of those songs you can’t escape from. You go into a restaurant/bar and they are playing the track, then you head home and turn on the radio and it’s playing again. I think it is a perfect song for its genre. I am not a huge fan of the R&B genre, but I can respect when someone has hit a song out of the park. Ne-Yo is best known for writing music for other artists, but if there are more tracks like “Closer” on his album, “Year Of the Gentleman,” he is looking at platinum status.

Here is the video for “Closer.”

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