Sports Crush – Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis is an LPGA star, which means she should be slightly more of a star than your local high school’s back-up quarterback. She more special than that because of her looks and the fact that she has actually won an LPGA event. She has placed in the top-10 of an LPGA major fives times, oh and she has appeared in FHM magazine.

Gulbis has been coined as “the Anna Kournikova of the LPGA.” She is a cute blonde that plays sports, but she is successful in her sport, so that’s the difference between her and Kournikova. She has appeared in her own reality television show on the Golf Channel, “The Natalie Gulbis Show,” and wrote a monthly column in FHM.

The LPGA isn’t exactly must-see television, but if there were 10 more of Natalie Gulbis, I would pay more attention to it. If Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer were ever in a playoff, you need to set your TiVo.

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