Song Of The Day – P!nk (So What)

I don’t exactly know the correct spelling of her name, either “Pink” or “P!nk,” but for some reason she ends up with at least one song on every album that I actually like. She wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea, but seems like she doesn’t give a crap what she says, so I kind of want to see what she says. I must have heard “U + Ur Hand” about a million times at random places last summer, not my choice, just seemed to be a very popular song.

I saw the video for her new single, “So What,” and my jaw dropped. She has been in a much-publicized divorce with X-gamer Carey Hart and then out of nowhere he is in the video. Not only is he in the video, but he is in the part of the song that she talks smack about him. I’m not sure if I would have been okay with that, but they still seem to be friends, but still. I wouldn’t want an ex-girlfriend, let alone an ex-wife, talk all kinds of smack about me and I pose for the camera. She even talks about how she isn’t going to pay his rent anymore, etc. Looks like Hart & Huntington tattoo shop wasn’t as much of a success as the television show, “Inked,” led everyone to believe.

I’m sure P!nk’s new album will have a few songs that I actually like, don’t make fun, so you should go out and get it. Here is the video for “So What.”

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