Song Of The Day – Ben Folds (You Don’t Know Me)

Ben Folds has been one of my favorite artists over the last decade. After he went solo, his style of music never changed and he seems goofy as hell. I know many girls who would hook up with him over any kid from Fall Out Boy. Could it be that geek chic has trumped emo/punk chic? It’s a possibility I suppose, I’m a little nerdy, but I know more jock stuff than most meatheads. I toe the line, Johnny Cash should have written a song about it.

Ben Folds is coming out with a new album on September 30th. “Way To Normal” is the name and for some reason is probably meant sarcastically. “You Don’t Know Me” features Regina Spektor, their voices go very well together and Spektor is kind of a geeky man’s dream. She has an awesome voice, her beauty isn’t over-whelming, and she looks fairly obtainable. I’m looking forward to a new Ben Folds album and the month-long courtship with my ears.

Here is the video for “You Don’t Know Me.”

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