Song Of The Day – Mike Doughty (Fort Hood)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mike Doughty. I can say that without a pause and I was sad when Soul Coughing stopped making records. I picked up “Haughty Melodic” a few year ago and I enjoyed it so much that I nearly forgot about his work with Soul Coughing.

Mike Doughty’s new cd, “Golden Delicious,” is very good and doesn’t let his fans down. Golden Delicious, which by the way, my 2nd favorite kind of apple, I’m just saying. A few tracks like a re-worked “27 Jennifers” and “I Just Want The Girl In the Blue Dress To Keep On Dancing” just keeps the album moving. The first track, “Fort Hood,” is kind of a cover song, but once again he puts his own spin on a song and makes it his own original. Mike Doughty may not be for everyone, but I would argue that he is for most.

Here is the video for “Fort Hood.” Enjoy!

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