Chad Johnson Has A Torn Labia?!

I enjoy sports talk radio a lot. I listen to it in the car on the way to work and on long road trips. I even listen to sports talk podcasts on my computer at home. In Columbus, Ohio, 1460AM The Fan, is the ESPN Radio station that I listen to. They only play the first two hours of “The Herd” and they substitute the last hour of that program with their own local show called “The Mid-Day Show.” I hate this because I love Colin Cowherd, I believe he is current and very smart, something either of the hosts on “The Mid-Day Show” doesn’t have. The show used to be called “Spielman On Sports,” which starred former Ohio State and NFL football player, Chris Spielman. They changed the show’s format some time ago and it hasn’t been the same ever since.

Mike Ricordati and Scott Torgerson are the hosts of “The Mid-Day Show” and I have the extreme discomfort enough to have my lunch hour the same time they are on WBNS 1460AM The Fan. They have done everything from calling out 19-year old kids on Ohio State football team who get DUIs by calling them “pieces of crap” to possibly the best error I’ve ever heard on sports talk radio.

Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals was injured during a pre-season game. He was diagnosed with having a “torn labrum,” which is in the shoulder. Mike Ricordati started talking about the injury and confuses “labrum” with “labia,” which is the external part of the female genitalia. I want to believe that it was a slip of the tongue, but he is a White Sox fan, so he may not know what a labia is at all. I’m sure Chad Johnson would love to learn that a two-bit sports talk host on AM radio in Columbus thinks he has female genitalia.

Ochocinco would point a different finger at Ricordati

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