I Promised You Mullets, I Give You The Best One

Dog The Bounty Hunter is amazing. I say that for many reasons, but mostly because he is can track a many by scent. I have been given the opportunity to give away Dog The Bounty Hunter – The Best of Season 4 DVD and I can’t pass up the chance to give my readers something special.

Dog is a man of faith, but doesn’t pass up a chance to curse at a guy who jumps his bail. He is part human/part Chuck Norris, you can’t run away from the man. I know he may have said some unsavory things over the past year, but we can all look past that and just appreciate the mega-human he has become.

If you want a chance to win this DVD please comment either on this post or anywhere on the blog and I will choose 2 winners. Whomever leaves the most creative comment will win this DVD.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this will be the only giveaway this week. We will also be giving away another set of DVDs. So keep tuned to the site with more detials.

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