Song Of The Day – M.I.A. (Paper Planes)

The trailer for the film “Pineapple Express” has been using M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” in the advertisement for the film. A weird thing has happened because of this, M.I.A. has been creeping up the iTunes charts and the album charts. A few months ago she actually said that she is retiring from the music business, but due to the rise of popularity of this song and her album “Kala,” this could change her mind. Even funnier, the song doesn’t appear in the actual film or on its Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Whatever she got paid for the use of the song in the trailer, should be refunded for all the extra publicity this has brought to her.

M.I.A. is of Sri Lankan origin, but British born and raised. She gained famed from file-sharing and is considered a very talented lyricist. Her albums “Arular” and “Kala” were both major successes over in Europe, but until the “Pineapple Express” situation, “Kala” was just a moderate success in the States. Her lyrics are highly political and is very out-spoken with her regards to her political views.

Here is the official video for M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.” (sorry no Seth Rogen in the video).

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