Song Of The Day – Relient K (Must Have Don Something Right)

Relient K has been around for awhile, very long in terms of their genre. Most pop-punk acts spark and fade rather quickly. Relient K built a strong fanbase before going mainstream with their music. They started out on some smaller Christian labels and started seeing their fanbase grow to a point where they were getting the attention of major labels. “Be My Escape” was their first mainstream hit and then last year they released the album “Five Score and Seven Years Ago” with much success.

The video for “Must Have Done Something Right” is a pretty awesome concept. It follows a traveling soccer ball around. Relient K has always had a sense of humor in their song-writing, so it was just the next logical step to use some of their creativity in their videos.

Relient K will be around a long time, they don’t seem to be slowing down. Here is the video for “Must Have Done Something Right.”

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