Song Of The Day – Shwayze (Corona And Lime)

Shwayze seems to be the “it” group of the summer. The song “Buzzin” has stayed near the top of iTunes charts all season and with their new track, “Corona and Lime,” they are not slowing down. The track is at #3 on iTunes currently and is also a nice and breezy summer track that will do very well for them.

Their album is set to be released on 8/19/2008, I’m assuming that they re-recorded the album to add more Cisco Adler, since any other group’s band would have already been released if their first track did as well as Shwayze’s. They are currently on Warped Tour and will be touring until the end of the year with Metro Station (a fellow “Song Of The Day” honoree).

Look for Shwayze’s album out later this month, I’m sure it will be a top 5 album that week. Here is the video for “Corona And Lime.”

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