Song Of The Day – The Rocket Summer (Brat Pack)

As you can tell by my recent addition of a widget, I like The Rocket Summer. I found this band about five years ago when browsing around the web looking for new music. I ended up buying the “Calendar Days” album and I basically listened to it everyday for as long as I can remember. I got the “Hello, Good Friend” album when it came out and was very pleased by it. The Rocket Summer released “Do You Feel” last year and I haven’t warmed up to it yet, but give me some time.

The Militia Group has a way of finding some really nice talent. Bryce Avery started The Rocket Summer as kind of a one-man show. I think the young man has enough talent to sell a lot of albums and his work could transcend after this generation’s music is covered in dust. The Rocket Summer signed with Island Records and released “Do You Feel,” but they have changed their style a little and could need another album to really shine in their new sound.

Here is a video for “Brat Pack,” it’s a nice song about living life and having a great time with your friends, while trying not to live in the past.

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