Smart Move?

I those glasses on Baron Davis, there were some photos recently of Baron Davis sporting those large frames while playing soccer, I think he needs to wear those in an NBA game next season. He could be the next Kurt Rambis, but he wouldn’t best be known for getting clothes-lined during a NBA Finals game.

Baron Davis opted out of the last year of his contract and is becoming an unrestricted free agent. He has had some beef with the Golden State Warriors, but I think most of it stems from him being in Don Nelson’s doghouse for much of the season last year. Davis has said he would like to stay in the Bay Area, but you have to think that him leaving over 17 million dollars on the table for next season, something has to change.

I think Davis is one of the best point guards in the game. He reminds me of a “good” Stephon Marbury, he is a fluid scorer and can run the offense much better than Marbury ever could. I liked him with UCLA and also with the Hornets (I do like Chris Paul a little better), Golden State seemed like a good fit for him at the time, but with Boston winning the title last year within a year of being the worst team in the league, I have a feeling that some of today’s NBA stars will start to speak to one another and try to duplicate this pattern.

Elton Brand has also opted out of his contract, he left a lot of money on the table. He only played 8 games last season and a lot of people can second-guess this move, but Brand was solid for a few years before his injury for the Clippers. A team out there will still pay out of their nose for him. The Clippers still seem to have interest in him and they are also eyeing Baron Davis. If the Clippers can pull off what the Celtics did last year, I will be amazing.

Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling, has been scrutinized for years about not wanting to pay for talent. Over the last few seasons he has increased his payroll a little in hopes of being competitive. If he ends up signing both Brand and Davis to new large contracts, the Clippers may be able to compete again.

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