Song Of The Day – Klaxons (Magick)

I get in moods where music from England sounds better than anything over here in the U.S. I was first introduced to Klaxons about a year ago when I was up late and the video for “Magick” came on MTV2. I liked the song, but the video surprised me quite a bit. I’m still not certain what is going on, but it appears that a virus that makes neon green paint is spreads if the paint gets on another person. It can be stopped by putting a handkerchief around your eyes, a novel idea.

Klaxons won the Mercury Prize in the UK, it’s basically like “Band Of The Year,” or also known as “The Band That Hopes To Become As Popular As Radiohead in The U.S.” Klaxons have had minimal success in the States so far, but this video is pretty awesome.

Here is the video for “Magick.”

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