Song Of The Day – Brandtson (Nobody Dances Anymore)

I’ve been a casual fan of Brandtson for the past few years. They are on a indie label, The Militia Group, which started out as a management group. The Militia Group was the management group for bands like Slick Shoes and then they decided that they wanted to expand to a label. The band Acceptance, now defunct, started their career on TMG. I always liked Acceptance, but seemed like once the band released their debut major label album, “Phantoms,” they broke up a week later.

I like the track “Nobody Dances Anymore,” because it’s a very true statement. If you go to a club, no one dances anymore. They are always looking around waiting for something to pop off or they don’t want to make a fool of themselves. I’m a big fan of letting it all loose and try and have a good time. I’m the guy that drives down the road and bobs around in the car as he drives. (Yeah, I’m that dude).

Here is the video for “Nobody Dances Anymore” by Brandtson.

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