Indians Starters Close In On My Scoreless Streak

My own personal “scoreless” streak is tad longer than 43 1/3 innings, but I count my streak in terms of months rather than innings. I don’t want to seem like an Ohio homer (I’m originally from Indiana, so I don’t want to convey falsehoods), but Cleveland seems to be a hotbed of sports topics lately. You have the Cavs in the playoffs, Cabrera’s triple play, and 23 cent pizza.

I think this 43 1/3 scoreless streak is more impressive than Orel Hershiser’s 59 inning scoreless streak, because the Indians’ streak have used their entire 5-man starting rotation. The Indians needed strong pitching from their starters, especially since Joe Borowski is on the DL and Rafael Betancourt isn’t doing a great job filling in as closer. C.C. Sabathia has clearly rebounded since his first two starts were horrible. Cliff Lee is pitching like Sandy Koufax, which is something the Indians didn’t count on. Lee was sent to the minors for a portion of last season and was a risky 5th starter coming into this season.

The AL Central has taken around 100 wins to win the last few season, but looks like you could take the division at a discounted rate this year. If the Indians get a consistent output from their starters and don’t fade away, looks like they are setting themselves up for a fun summer.

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