Richie Sexson Gets UFC Try-Out

Richie Sexson is the tallest player in the majors and also the biggest target. After Felix Hernandez, the ace of the Seattle Mariners, plunked a couple players on the Texas Rangers, many expected some retaliation. Kason Gabbard was pitching for the Rangers when Sexson came up to bat. Gabbard’s pitch was very high in the zone and Sexson took offense to the pitch and charged the mound. He threw his helmet at Gabbard’s head and tackled him to the ground. Not much damage was done to anyone in the bench-clearing brawl, but Sexson received a 6-game suspension.

Kason Gabbard doesn’t seem like a very bright guy. If you look at the Mariners line-up there are plenty of guys much smaller and scary than Sexson. Jose Vidro and Adrian Beltre are both around six-feet tall and easier to throw a pitch that looks like a mistake. You cannot fool anyone if you throw the ball towards the head of a 6’8 baseball player. If you put Sexson and Gabbard in the octagon, Gabbard would be destroyed and possibly maimed. I do give him some dap, he definitely has his team’s back and balls the size of Texas.

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