Sober Bob Huggins?

Bob Huggins signed an 11-year extension to stay as the head coach of West Virgina. He will be paid $1.5 million dollars a season, after only making around $800,000 in his first season as coach. When Huggins signed this contract, he could be signing his life away.

We all know that Huggins loves to have a good time. He was let go as the coach of Cincinnati for having a really fun night, but making the mistake of getting into a car and driving. He was caught drinking and driving and thus lost his job with the Bearcats. This extension reportedly has a clause that the university can get out of the contract for substance abuse or habitual intoxication that affects his job performance. Does Coach Huggins realize that this was in his contract?This clause sounds like something the university can excercise if the team under-performs. I hope this isn’t going to be a clause that will become the norm in contracts around the league.

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