Mike D’Antoni Loves His Mustache

The Knicks, Bulls, and Raptors (who currently have a head coach), are all giddy that the Phoenix Suns gave Mike D’Antoni permission to talk to other teams. The Chicago Bulls were the first to talk with with D’Antoni, but no word on any possible deal. The Knicks seem to be in love with Mark Jackson, so I don’t see him getting hired in the Big Apple. The only reason the Raptors are interested in him is because Bryan Colangelo, son of Phoenix sports mogul Jerry Colangelo, knows that D’Antoni’s style may work in Toronto. Colangelo recreated the Raptors into a high-tempo offense with a highly European roster. D’Antoni would have the Phoenix Suns of the East, also T.J. Ford looks a lot like Steve Nash running the offense.

I am not sold on Mike D’Antoni has a big-time head coach. I will admit that when he took over the position in Phoenix, he made that team actually watchable. I would keep it tuned to any game the Suns would play on television; I’m a sucker for offense. I would like to know if D’Antoni knows who to play defense in the NBA. He doesn’t seem to think that he needs to stop the other team, he will just outscore them, even if the score approaches 120 each night. That kind of style will wear a team down and by the time they reach the playoffs, they’re out of gas (Note the last three seasons).

The Chicago Bulls have set themselves up to build their team through defense. Most of the team have already had great coaches (Coach K, Roy Williams, Billy Donovan), so they have proven they are coachable. Ben Gordon is an offensive machine, but they will not keep him next year. I’m looking at the roster and unless they draft someone who can shoot the lights out or pull the trigger on a major trade, who will carry the offense for the Bulls? I don’t see Joakim Noah putting up 20 points like Amare Stoudemire, but Tyrus Thomas could mature into something comparable. This would be a stretch if D’Antoni goes to Chicago. They are in the Eastern Conference and Atlanta made the playoffs this season, anything can happen.Mike D’Antoni has been sporting a mustache since before the 24-second shot clock. You have to give props to a man who stays consistent.

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