Song Of The Day – Zox (Goodnight)

I didn’t know what or who Zox was yesterday. I was watching some acoustic performances from my local radio station, CD 101, on YouTube earlier today. I ran across this band named “Zox” and it sounded interesting enough to watch. They played “Anything But Fine” and “Goodnight,” both were great.

Zox is a band from Rhode Island filled with smart guys. They formed while going to Brown University in 1999. They released a couple albums and toured U.S. and Europe. They are currently signed to Side One Dummy Records (they have great A&R guys). They released “Line In The Sand,” and from what I’ve heard of it, it’s a must-buy. They are a rock pop band that has a lead violinist. It’s not Yellowcard-corny with the dude doing backflips on stage, it’s soothing and adds to their in-depth lyrics.

Check out their video for “Goodnight”

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