Mike Tirico Is A Pun Machine

While announcing the Lakers/Jazz playoff game today, Tirico recapped the earlier games of the day. When doing the play-by-play of the Celtics/Hawks Game 7 highlights, Tirico used a pun that should be either be retired or put in the Pun Hall of Fame. He said, “Boston creamed Atlanta 99-65.” I instantly had a visual of the entire Celtics team throwing Boston Cream pies at the Hawks team after their elimination from the playoffs.

If you think that this pun was great, just wait until Tirico unleashes some of the following puns.

“Cleveland steams the Detroit Tigers.”
“University of Pennsylvania dutched Yale University.”
“Buffalo winged the New York Jets.”
“University of California pizza-kitchens Oregon State.”
“Utah mormoned the Houston Rockets.”
“Kansas City barbecues the Cleveland Indians.”
“Cincinnati bowties the Pittsburgh Pirates”
“Chicago deep-dished the Milwaukee Bucks.”
“St. Louis arched over the Chicago Cubs.”
“University of Wisconsin cheesed Penn State.”

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