Song Of The Day – Blue October (Calling You)

I first heard “Calling You” on the soundtrack for “American Wedding.” I didn’t hear the band again until they released “Hate Me,” and was a pretty big hit for them. Blue October has been a band for awhile, I just didn’t know it. They’ve released three albums, plus a live album, that’s a lot for a band that seemingly has only a couple hits. Major record labels don’t usually stick with a band that long, but they must have seen something in them.

I picked “Calling You” as the Song Of The Day because I used to listen to their albums while writing. The lead singer went through a mental breakdown and much of his material is based off of mental instability and emotional breakdown. Okay, I used to write more in-depth, but now I’m sticking to things that are fun.

If any of my guys out there are ever in a pickle, write down the lyrics to this song in a nice Hallmark card and it should smooth things over for awhile. If the lyrics don’t do the trick, go get some chocolate, son.

Here is a video for Blue October’s “Calling You.

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