Troy Tulowitzki’s Is On The Shelf

Troy Tulowitzki has a torn tendon in his quad, which seems to be this year’s injury of choice, right A-Rod? Tulowitzki wasn’t producing this year, but has shown flashes of his great play from last season. He was runner-up in the Rookie Of The Year voting and help lead the Rockies into the post-season. He plays bigger than he is, his 24 home-runs in 2007 wasn’t expected, but greatly appreciated. If Ryan Braun didn’t have such a great season last year, people would still be talking about Tulowitzki’s amazing rookie season.

The Rockies aren’t having a good season so far, but they have played a lot against the Diamondbacks and Padres, which could sway their record a little. Also, it seems like every other game Colorado plays goes into extra innings.Colorado expects to get Tulowitzki back after the All-Star break, which could be wishful thinking since quad injuries tend to linger. The Rockies will have Clint Barmes fill in for him at shortstop while he is out. You may remember Barmes by his infamous injury two seasons ago. He tripped while carrying deer meat, he missed the remainder of the season. Watch out for Bambi, Clint!

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