John Daly Needs Some Pasties

John Daly has had an up and down golf career. He’s been addicted to about every vice the Fayetteville city police recognizes. He may still be over-weight, smoke, and do whatever else he does, but the man can still drive farther than you and Tiger Woods combined. I just watched an interview that Daly conducted on his new golf course. This wasn’t a regular interview, he was shirtless and shoeless, probably more of a normal setting for him.

Daly has some girth around his mid-section, but looks like he’s still trying to squeeze into size 32 pants. I don’t understand people’s weird weight distribution. Looks like if Daly evened out a little from top to bottom, he may look just a little over-weight. I am amazed for a man of his girth, he is rather flat-chested, take a gander at quite possibly the best golf interview I have ever seen.

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