Mike Jacobs Is The New Chris Shelton

The Florida Marlins have been waiting patiently for Mike Jacobs to turn into the power-hitter they thought he would become. When Jacobs was a rookie with the Mets, he was brought up at the end of the year and hit the cover off the ball. Jacobs has hit 6 home-runs so far this season and the everyone in the Marlins clubhouse is happy. ESPN could have ended the happiness with an article that ran today. Jayson Stark. a poor-man’s Peter Gammons, reported that a very knowledgeable scout said that Jacobs is this year’s Chris Shelton. For those who don’t remember Shelton, he hit 9 home-runs in the fist 13 games of the season for the Tigers a few seasons ago. Not only did Shelton’s power come to a screeching hault, but he found himself in the minors by the end of July.I don’t think Stark thinks that Jacobs will end up in the minors this season, just Jacobs has an upper-cut swing that has a huge hole in it. He doesn’t think his power will last an entire season. My question is that if Richie Sexton and Adam Dunn can hit 40 home-runs in a season with an upper-cut swing, why can’t Jacobs do it? I’ve seen worse swings in my time. I don’t think Jacobs will hit 40 dingers, but I think he will have a decent year on a not-so-good team.

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