The Song Of The Day – The Urge (Brainless)

I was recently talking to a girl and she mentioned that she liked The Urge. It made me nostalgic, ’cause I used to listen to their albums all the time, plus it probably earned me some points be having a common interest. We all know that “America’s White Boy,” a.k.a. Sweetbob, likes racking up them points.

I used to be all about ska music. I still enjoy it, but I’m not exactly cranking it up these days. I still like Reel Big Fish, Mighty Might Bosstones, old Less Than Jake, and The Urge. The Urge came into the mainstream in 1995 and stuck around until 2001. They broke-up due to “musical differences,” which is code for “we didn’t sell enough records to tolerate being stuck in a van/bus with dudes anymore.” They had a sound that wasn’t 100% ska, they mixed in harder guitars that made them sound more like 311 at times.

The Urge’s best albums were “Receiving The Gift Of Flavor” and “Master Of Styles.” I tried to embed the video for “Jump Right In,” but unfortunately it didn’t work, but here is the video for “Brainless,” the video isn’t that creative, but the song is still a classic.

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