Eminem Will Start To Wear Royals Gear

The Kansas City Royals started off the season with the dubious task of trying to tame the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers are favored to win the World Series this year. They added a lot of offense to their already prolific line-up. The Royals are projected to be basement dwellers in the AL Central and possibly lose 100 games.

The Royals made the Tigers look horrible! Kansas City completed the sweep yesterday and surprised everyone. The Tigers couldn’t hit the ball, their pitching looked juvenile, and they looked completely lost on the diamond. I know the Achilles’ Heel of the Tigers is their relief pitching, but it appears to be ruptured. The Royals starting pitchers (Meche and Bannister) made Gary Sheffield and Magglio Ordonez look like….Royals! Alex Gordon was actually living up to the hype and looking like George Brett.I know it is really early to predict the Royals to have a decent season, but I think everyone could be wrong about the Tigers. I know they will score runs this season, but if they give up more than they score, you can’t win. The Tigers need to look to the clubs that have deep bullpens and offer up what’s left of their depleted farm system. The Tigers could end up struggling for the Wild Card in a very tough AL Central or staying home from the post-season and looking like kittens.Congratulations Kansas City, you actually made me stop and write a blog about the Royals. I’d be really surprised if I mention them again, but if they keep it up, I will gladly join Royals Nation. *Population is slightly less than Red Sox Nation* I would probably think it would be considered “Royals Town.”

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