Moises Alou Needs To Shut Up

Moises Alou is best known for two things. First, Alou regularly pisses on his bare hands so he can grip his bat better without gloves. Ewwww! Secondly, he was the player that could have caught the ball during the “Steve Bartman incident.”At the time of the incident, Alou jumped in the air and screamed at Bartman for interfering with the baseball. Today Alou admitted that he could have never caught the ball in the first place. WHAT?! I’ve unfortunately watched the “lowlight” of this event many times. Alou is clearly directly under the baseball when Bartman puts his hands on it. Why is Alou coming out and saying this now? Alou thinks that we should forgive Bartman and move on. His words are falling on deaf ears, since Alou is currently playing for the Mets.The Mets have always been hated by Cubs fans, since the last 60’s when the Mets undercut the Cubs and beat them out of the playoffs. If Aramis Ramirez or Kerry Wood would come out and tell the fans that we should forgive Bartman, maybe some progress could happen. Alou is only adding fuel to the fire and could lead to more tension.

Steve Bartman, please stay away from Wrigley Field.

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