Curry Says "Not Right Now" to NBA

Many of the pundits on ESPN and other media outlets have an opinion on whether Stephen Curry should go pro. Skip Bayless said that his draft stock can only go down at this point. Bayless is clearly just talking about money, ’cause he can learn a lot from an extra year or two in college. His family isn’t exactly needy, I’m sure his father took care of the money he earned in the NBA and Curry does need to learn to handle the ball a little better.I watched most of the Kansas/Davidson game and the biggest thing that stood out was that Davidson has Curry listed as 6’3. I find that very hard to believe. I can’t see him being any taller than a flat 6’0. Plus the kid can’t weigh more than 150-160lbs. it’s impossible that he could survive an entire year in the NBA at that weight.

If Curry can learn to play point guard over the next season or two, he will set himself up to improve the possibility of him having a lengthy NBA career. If he were to go to the NBA after this season, he runs the chance of turning into Randolph Childress or Khalid Reeves. Childress and Reeves both had amazing runs in the tournament and drafted high in the NBA Draft. Neither of them could live up to the hype that was projected by their incredible performances in the tournament. Curry is doing a smart thing and I find it hard for people to second-guess his decision.

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