Adam Morrison Is Homeless

I’ve been a fan of Adam Morrison since the first time I saw him play at Gonzaga. I liked how he was a tall guy who could shoot from long range. The crying incident in teh NCAA tournament knocked him down a few pegs, but that crappy ‘stache he rocks evens himself out. This is Adam Morrison today.I’m beginning to think that he lives in a cardboard box outside the Charlotte Arena. I know that he is recovering from a knee injury and hasn’t playing for the Bobcats this season, but wow. I know he’s only around 23 years old, but I’ve seen 14 year old Mexican boys that can grow a thicker mustache than Morrison. You would think that it would have thickened over the last couple of years, but it may have peaked. Also, look at that hair! He kind of looks like Jim Morrison. I was expecting him to grab the headset from Billy Packer and start singing “L.A. Woman.” I’m sure it would have been more entertain than hearing Packer’s play-by-play.

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