Where Have All The Upsets Gone?

I know it’s still too early to predict the lack of upsets in this year’s NCAA tournament, but I’m doing it. I thought Georgia was going to beat Xavier earlier, but they ran out of gas in the second half. A lot of the “underdogs” are playing each other in the first round or possibly in the second round. I would have liked Butler, South Alabama, Gonzaga, and Davidson, but 2 of these teams will not survive the first game. The tournament committee would have never paired mid-majors against each other in the past. The success of Gonzaga and George Mason in past tournaments have made the committee start to respect mid-level conference teams. It would take a small conference team to shock everyone for there to be a cinderella team this year.

On a side, note, I would have really liked to have Indiana make a long run, since their 8th seed ranking is ridiculous. I know their coach was fired, but they didn’t lose any of their players. Too bad Indiana runs into North Carolina in the 2nd round. I guess nothing is impossible, but I can’t call Indiana a Cinderella team, they ended the season in the Top 25.

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