NCAA Day 1 – Disappointment

After watching the first 16 games of the NCAA Tournament, I can say that my 4-year old niece could have picked these games. I’m pretty sure everyone would picked a “safe” bracket for the office pool can sleep well tonight. This doesn’t mean that you know more about the NCAAs than the next person, it just means that you lack balls.

I don’t have the biggest balls this year, I admit it. I have a few upsets (W. Kentucky, South Alabama) but nothing that I can brag about if they come true. I hope that something outstanding happens the next few days or I will never get throughMonday’s “Mike and Mike In The Morning.” I usually listen to every morning, but I find it hard to listen around this time of year. Mike Greenberg uses the word “chalk” constantly when referring to the NCAA Tournament. If you fill out a bracket and you have all the favored seeds winning, it’s considered “chalk.” I can’t honestly say why they refer to it as that, but I must have heard that word 100 times on friday. Both Mikes announced their bracket predictions and Mike Greenberg lacked any sort of round objects between his legs. He chose all four #1 seeds to make the Final Four. He defended himself by saying that he isn’t playing it safe by doing this, ’cause it has never happened. I can tell you right now, he isn’t the first person to predict that all #1s will make it, but he is probably the only MALE to ever public admit this.

I’m sorry Mike, you lost your “Man Card.” Please turn in your remote control and whatever you have left of your testicles, at the front door.

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